Monday, January 30, 2006

I'm so lazy

Well, not really. But I've been lazy about updating here.

I've been working, though. Slowly but surely. Entered the vamps in Passionate Ink's Stroke of Midnight contest. Fingers crossed.

Still working on the elf story, too. It's coming along. I actually started doing a little editing on it last night, so that's good.

Last night the Hubster watched "Collateral". I wasn't interested in watching, myself, but then got really sucked in. I'm so not a Tom Cruise fan but he was awfully good in it. And of course Jamie Foxx is always good.

What else? Been watching Season 3 of The Shield. I love The Shield. I have a huge crush on Vic Mackey. The minute he beat that guy with the phone book in the first episode of Season 1, I fell madly in love. Which is no surprise to anyone who knows me, I think-our friend George is the one who bought the show on DVD for us (we'd never seen it) and he had a pretty good idea what my reaction would be. Excellent taste, George.

So that's basically it. Princess is finally feeling better-turns out there's a bug going around her school and it really is putting the little ones out of commission for a week or so, so our worries that it was something worse were put to rest.

And I talked to my Mommy on Sat.-her birthday-and she's taken the first week of May off to come out here for a visit!! YAY!!

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