Thursday, February 02, 2006

Remember the Fisher King?

So one of the blogs (Agent Kristen. I love Agent Kristen-I've been watning to query her for years but my stuff doesn't seem to mesh with the work she represents, generally, so instead I just admire her from afar) I read has a post about the "movie" query. You know, like "My book is like The Wizard of Oz crossed with Die Hard," or, "My book is kind of a Bridget Jones-y, LA Confidential-y kind of a story." (Actually, that's not too bad. Chick lit and hard-bitten crime novel combined, with hookers and tough cops gone bad. Hmmm.)

So it occurred to me...

I could conceivably pitch a novel as "kind of a big titty, spread cheeky kind of a thing."

Boy, erotic romance is fun!


Dorothy said...

LOL, I do believe you have something there...;o)

December Quinn said...

Me too! I'll call it "Ordinary Peepholes"...oh wait...that's been done. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

doc-t said...

i came over here to say that i want to read the book version of the two week deer hunter: night of the aliens..

I hear the book is always better than the movie.

December Quinn said...

OK. Attorney and Vietnam vet Trent Wilson hires cute ACLU lawyer Shana Gryffon to help him make a case against the aliens who are trying to turn his new hotel into their World Domination headquarters. The aliens's eerie similarity to the Viet Cong (tactically, that is)gives Trent horrible Post-Traumatic Stress, and he needs Shana's aid to overcome the flashbacks and make him feel like a man again.

They have two weeks to defeat the aliens and fall in love, or Trent will shoot himself in the head.

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »