Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day

Yes, I know it isn't V-Day yet. But this is the Weekend Before, which means all of us "attached" folks are probably doing our celebrating this weekend.

For me, it's a double-edged sword. We have the MIL coming down to watch the kiddies so we can actually (gasp) spend a few hours without them. Which is nice. But, of course, her presence here means we have to entertain her when we are home, which means no going out then coming home and lazing around watching TV and drinking.

Valentine's Day has historically been a miserable one for the Hubs and me. Things never seem to work out very well. The restaurant is bad, or the DVD player breaks, or the children are terrors, or whatever. I think a lot of couples have this problem. We've certainly had our best times just staying home, which makes me nervous about going out this year. (I think the best one was when I made spaghetti and meatballs and we drank wine and watched The Godfather. I love The Godfather. I even have a shirt that says, "What Would Michael Corleone Do?")

We thought about seeing a movie. Ha! Our local theatre has two thrilling choices for us: March of the Penguins or Chicken Little. Ahhh...romance at its finest.

What we'll probably ed up doing is getting dressed up, wandering around aimlessly, and stopping at McDonald's.

Oh well...


Mark Pettus said...

Have you seen Sideways? Buy some champagne, put on an evening gown, hubby in a red bow-tie, and go to McDonalds. It might be the romantic night of a lifetime.

December Quinn said...

I did see Sideways. I think there's something wrong with me, though, because I didn't like it that much.

I didn't hate it, it was an OK movie, but the "OH it's SO GREAT" eluded me.

But Hubby in a red bow tie is a great idea, that I shall save for next year because like an idiot I just saw this now.