Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Am I Going Crazy?

I could have sworn yesterday I responded to somebody's post about plastic surgery. I could have sworn it was someone I'm fairly familiar with.

Today I cannot for the life of me remember who posted it, or find it anywhere.

Am I insane, and my insanity is now manifesting itself in imaginary blog posts by imaginary people? Did I show up at somebody's blog and start blathering about breast enlargement apropos of nothing?

Help me!

UPDATE! I found it! I really am stupid, because it was posted on Kate Lang's wonderful blog, The Confessional. This is doubly, triply embarrassing because Kate is a member of Indulge, the erotic romance writers group I just joined. I'll be posting more on that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm going to hide my head in shame.


Kate Lang said...

Don't hang your head, December. I can't count the amount of times I had to hunt for a conversation on all the various blogs I bop around on throughout the day.

I'm just thankful that you let a comment!

Kate Lang said...

That's "left" a comment.

: )

Bernita said...

Get her for that, December.

Kate Lang said...

Oh my! That doesn't sound good...

Jenna Howard said...

Kate can't even remember what she did fifteen minutes ago.

Oh. Wait. No.

That's me.

Welcome to Indulge!!

Sam said...

LOL - I'm absent minded like that.
I would never have found the post again!

Anonymous said...

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