Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beware the moors...

A couple of pics from yesterday's drive through foggy Dartmoor:


Sam said...

I love a nice, foggy day, lol.
Dartmoor lookis...foggy.

My kids used to call it 'frog', and I never corrected them, lol.
"Hey mom, it's Frog out!" is much cuter than, it's foggy out. :-)

December Quinn said...

LOL! "Frog" is much better!

The Princess calls the fridge the "fooderator", which I love.

And yeah, the fog is great. I really love that about living here. FL isn't good for fog, generally.

Bernita said...

What is the stone in the foreground?
A decrepit waycross? A menhir?
Very beautiful shot.

December Quinn said...

I'm not entirely certain what it is, Bernita. The book The Lore of the Land mentions Childe's Tomb, "which is not actually a tomb, but a stone cross on Dartmoor...". It was apparently demolished in 1812 by a local farmer but "restored" in the 1880s-accurately or not is uncerain.

So I'm guessing that's what it is. Further along that road is a stone circle, but by the time we got there the fog was literally so thick we couldn't see anything on the sides of the road, so next time for that.

I did get a few other pics of the cross, but that one was my favorite. And there's one of me, taken from so far away and with the wind blowing so hard I look like a tiny hairball. :-)