Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I finished the elves the other day. Yay me! It needs some editing (duh) but it is complete. Which makes me happy.

I planned to finish the vamps now. But to be honest, I don't know if it's even worth it. Vamps aren't really selling anymore-there are a few pubs still interested, and they're the ones I'm targeting, but I'm just not sure. Part of me thinks I should start one of my new projects and just focus on that.

But which one? I have a total stand-alone. I have a medieval that is very, very loosely connected to another medieval. Then I have a trilogy.

Part of me thinks I should work on the stand-alone first. It's a fun idea and I'm excited about it. But the trilogy has been simmering in my head for a couple of years now, and I think it's pretty good, but there are a few plot issues I'm still unsure about. Of course I'd resolve those first, but still.

Also going to work on a couple of subs for EC's 2007 Cavemen antho. And a few novellas-my subconscious is fleshing those out as we speak. Or, you know, as I type and you read.

Anyway. I'm going to keep working on the vamps for the moment, because the rest of the book really is so clear in my head. I'll see where I am in a week or so, I guess.

But hey, I finished that damn book. Thank the Gods.


doc-t said...

I'm lost. Is "The elves" the name of a novel you just finished?

Is "Vamps" the name of another your working on?

sounds like you have lots of projects in your head. woudlnt it be nice to lock yourself in a room for 6 months so you could jsut write, write, write.


December Quinn said...

No, the noel I just finished is called "Prince of Death" (tentatively) but it's about elves. Big, tough, warring elves, but elves nonetheless.

Then there's a ms about vampires, that I actually started almost a year ago when vampires were still selling-that working title is "Blood Will Tell". I dropped it about halfway through because I was blocked and working on other things (like an international move) but still think it's fun, and some of my best work (so far).

I'd love nothing more than a solid six months of writing. Sigh. My hubby just left his job, though, so it looks like I might actually have at least a few weeks! :-)

Sorry. I always forget nobody knows what I'm talking about but me. These things are so constantly on my mind I assume I've mentioned them like a million times.

Sam said...

That is so funny - I finished my elves the other day too (final edits - yay!) and now I'm working on my vamps - and having fun.
LOL! We're evil twins.

(that's what I call my twin sons, lol)

December Quinn said...

Ha, that's not all! I'd tentatively titled my next project "My Fair Wizard" until I saw your "Pixie". :-)

Great minds, you know.

Bernita said...

Think someone dropped a fertile mind curse on you when you weren't looking.

Jenna Howard said...

Yay on finishing, December! Whoo!

Sam said...

LOL about the 'My Fair'...

I think it's been used before actually...


WCP/FB said...

I've got an ertoic novella I'm trying to finish up. And I have an erotic fantasy to finish too.

And Three e-books to edit.

And an article to write.

And... And... LOL!

December Quinn said...

It never stops, does it, Faith? :-)