Monday, May 08, 2006

Where the Demons Dwell

(And everyone better be able to identify where that reference came from! Leave it in the comments.)

These next two are from Chepstow Castle in Wales, which is fantastic. There were a few more of me, but I photograph so badly so you don't get to see them. I do, though, have one more pic to post, which I didn't in this post but I will, of the window at the Tower of London's White Tower that Gruffydd ap Llewellyn fell out of.

But these are Chepstow. Lovely. (And yes, that's me and my Princess. We're in a fireplace.)


Sherrill Quinn said...

Terrific pics, December. And you've got a cute one there. She looks ornery. :)

Bernita said...

Aw, you look pretty, modern. She looks like someone out of a Gainsborough painting.

A.E. said...

What a little beauty the princess is!! And her mama shouldn't hide. Gonna send you a pic of me and flyboy as soon as I locate my camera, lol. He really doesn't photograph well, however, looks like he has a googly eye, lol :).
Hugs! Stacey/Anna

December Quinn said...

Thanks, guys! I can't figure out how the Princess and the Faery turned out so adorable when I'm so average. :-)

And Sherrill, she is ornery. But we're working on it. We've told her every time we tell her to do something and she says, "No", we take away one My Little Pony. It's worked wonders. :-)

Sam said...

What gorgeous photos!!!!!