Thursday, May 11, 2006

Seriously, guys?

Not one of you got the Spinal Tap reference in the title of my last post?

I'm disappointed in each and every one of you.

Well, my mother has left. She called last night so we know she got home safe and all, so hopefully things will get back to normal around here. Of course, we'll be in Bristol this weekend, but aside from that we will be home.

Didn't get any writing done on the train back from London at all. It was early anyway, but I confess I spent the ride wrapped up in reading Rumbelow's "Ripper" book. (And check out that alliteration, baybee!)
Mom and I took a Ripper Walk with Donald Rumbelow, who is the biggest bestest Ripper expert and wrote a fantastic book on the subject (The Complete Jack the Ripper). It was really good. Fun and interesting and a little spooky at times. I highly recommend it, and I'm eager to take other Walks (they have a couple about medieval London that look particularly interesting).

Anyway, no work done on the short. But I started my new WIP, the next novel, on Saturday night and I'm pleased with it so far. Of course, anyone can be pleased with the meager 1300 words I have so far, but still.

So there you go. A little update.

I'm also currently reading a book called "The Second Wives Club" by Jane Moore. Not bad so far. It' a subject that interests me particularly, being a second wife with a stepdaughter, which is why I gave the book a try. It's okay, but it's very chick-lit. I don't have an issue with chick-lit. There's some of it I really like. But this almost feels like it's trying too hard to have that particular type of voice, and it's very girly, which bugs me a little. We'll see.

I have a huge TBR pile right now, anyway. I think I've got twenty or thirty books in it--Mom and I did some major book shopping. I found a secondhand copy of Stephen Dobyns's Boy in the Water that I'm really looking forward to, because I adored his Church of Dead Girls. Although I'm thinking Boy might have to wait until fall, because it's just that kind of writing, if you know what I mean. We'll see.

What are you reading next? What's in your pile that you're saving for a special occasion?


Faltenin said...

Where the banshees live and they do live well?

Of course! But point out the obvious? Never!

December Quinn said...

But I wanted at least one person to point it out! :-(

Bernita said...

Re-reads of Alastair Maclean.

Sam said...

I pulled three books from my TBR pile today and already tossed one as being crappy writing (a thriller - Dark Harbor - pure shit)
Found I'd already read one (The Power of Three) Very Good book.

Will read 'The Rottweiller' - Love the author - can't go wrong with Ruth Rendell. What a fab writer!

Jenna Howard said...

I missed it all completely, coming in much too late to guess. Sigh. That's me. Always late to the party.

S. W. Vaughn said...

Lessee... just finished reading John Donohue's Sensei. And now I've got -- whatever I can get my hands on next. Already read everything in the house.

December, did you get my e-mail? I tried to find your address and ended up sending it thru the form on your website. It's about your stories. They were soooo yummy. :-)

December Quinn said...

No, I didn't. Hmmm. That form should work.

The email is decemberquinn at gmail anyway. So if you want to email me that's the place!


December Quinn said...

Sam, Dark Harbor sounds familiar. I'm going to Google it and see if I've read it.

Sorry to say the name Alastair Maclean rings only faint bells, too. I assume he's good, so I'll look him up too!

Jenna, you can join in anytime.

Bernita said...

Probably from Guns of Navaronne.
He's dated. Thrillers/spy.
On re-reading, realized many of his heroines are TSTL - but his men (and plots) are not bad at all.