Friday, June 23, 2006

And In Other News

It seems convicted child rapist Victor Salva managed to get himself another job directing a movie. The film is called "Peaceful Warrior" and is open in select cities now.

PLEASE DO NOT see this movie. Don't go see it, don't rent it, don't buy it when it becomes available. And please tell your friends not to go see it, either.

Every time you buy a ticket to see that monster's films, you send a message.

Think about what that message is. Think about whether or not that's a message you really want to send.


Bernita said...

No fear...

A. M. said...

Shoot. The only thing we can do is raise awareness. He only served 15 months?!!

I saw Powder back then and it was beautiful. Now I have this bitter taste in my mouth. Sympathy for the guilty? Me thinks not. The popularity of Nabokov et al. w/o it leading to major discussions has always disturbed me.

When a convict who fled the country can get an Oscar (Polanski)- what can you say? Words fail me.

One thing to consider: when the abused kids of today are known (cycle of violence) to become offenders tomorrow, money should flow into research of effective treatment for them. And minimum sentences for offenders need to make more sense than 3 yrs (=15 mos). It's the only way I can think of to interrupt the cycle.

What a way to start the day.... :(

Anonymous said...

As far as sexually assaulting children go it should be one strike and you are out. Rehab my ass. Lock the sick bastards up for good. -JTC

December Quinn said...

Hey there, a.m.! Nice to see you!

I totally agree. The very idea of people actually condoning Polanski's behavior is upsetting. "So he seduced a little girl, so what?"


And yes, prison sentences for such crimes are ridiculous. If nothing else, we should have learned that last summer when several parolees kidnapped, molested, and murdered little girls.


And you shouldn't feel bad about having seen Powder. Disney should feel bad for not getting someone to direct it who hadn't raped a little boy on film.

December Quinn said...

I totally, agree, JTC. The recidivism rate for pedophiles is like over 95%.

No parole=no more children hurt (by that offender, at least).

A. M. said...

December, the problem with Powder is that Salva also wrote it.

I totally disagree w/ the misguided pc notion of separating art and artist. If Hitler had been a gifted painter, would we sell and admire his art? Do numbers make a difference? Kill ten or fifteen souls, ruin those kids' lives... for much longer than 15 mos. I have to add...

Too bad a lot of lip service is rendered but no money put where those lips are...

A. M. in a rotten mood. Blame it on that horrible Heat Wave.