Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Because I'm Lazy and Drunk

I don't have a blog topic at the moment. So why don't you tell me what to blog about?

G'head. Ask me a question. Suggest a topic. Anything you want to hear My Illustrius Opinion on.


Elle said...

The mating rituals of pigeons.

*sits back and waits*

Faltenin said...

Gay sex in the locker room of the Soccer World Cup.

*sits back and waits, after Elle, because he always makes sure women come first*

Anonymous said...

This guy walks into the bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says, "Honey, this is the pig I've been sleeping with." His wife looks up from the bed and says, "You idiot, that's not a pig, it's a sheep." The guy says, "I wasn't talking to you."

Serious question: Do you assume men like woman on woman sex scenes in your novels? I ask because a friend just wrote sort of a ramance/detective novel and was gracious enough to let me read it before she began shopping it. In the climax scene (not that kind of climax) where the bad guys have the good gals hostage and the good guys at bay, she uses a scene where the two female hostages start making out as a distraction. The bad guys are totally entranced by the scene to the point where the hero can, once he gets his wits, overtake the bad guys. I told her for me any homosexual scene is a big turn-off and almost ruined the story for me and there may be a lot more men like me than she thinks. I think a lot of men do not get turned-on by this but play it up for fear of losing their "man-card". What is your take on this?

Sorry about the length and run-on sentences. ;~)

December Quinn said...

Hoo, boy! Keep 'em coming. I will blog on all of these in the next week.

Bernita said...

Read a scene like Anon's in a Deathlands novel.
Saw it simply as a strategum. Don't see why one would be turned off.
They are trying to save their freakin' lives.
Question of taste.

Anonymous said...

bernita, It just didn't seem like a feasable scenario. It would be more likely to end like this: Killer has gun, shoots "hero" while he stares at the "action", then takes care of his sexual arousal with the two helpless women.

Bernita said...

Now I'm puzzled, Anon.
Which bothered you?
The homosexual scene itself or the credibility of the strategy?

Anonymous said...

Yes. bernita. -JTC

Anonymous said...

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