Friday, July 07, 2006

With Love From Me to You

This is totally off-topic. It's not about writing, or sex, or books, or publishing in any way.

This time, it's personal...

Yesterday I left an online community I've been part of for over 4 years. It was a really hard decision to make. Basically, I felt the people there had changed. The parameters had changed. What was once a really fun place to be had become a den of vipers, a place where people were just waiting to snipe others for any reason, where free discussion and repsect for other people' opinions were not to be found.

I'm still wierded out by this.

But I thought about it. And I realized that right now, I'm part of another online community. Whether we're all Snarklings or Minions or Cowlettes or whatever...we're all here.

I like writing messages to you guys. I like reading yours. I like not feeling like I better keep my mouth shut because who knows who'll pile all over me if I say something.

So that's basically it. You guys have made me feel better, without doing anything but being you.

I'll do a real post later. I just wanted to say that.


Anonymous said...

You suck, december! I only visit your blog so I can pounce on your sub-par writing and hammer your obviously un-informed opinions.

Sarcasm is difficult in writing, especially for a nitwit like me. So I better say just kidding. I think your blog is fun. And, the exerpts I have read from your writing is pretty damn cool, too. I only wish I could read your books. The jerks in the "other writing community" you were in can blow my sweaty beef on a hot Texas day before I shower.

May your pen always find the paper, your mind the words, and your spirit the determination to achieve your dreams. -JTC

December Quinn said...

Aaaaw. Thanks JTC. That makes me feel all oogly.

I knew you were being sarcastic. ;-)

Hopefully soon everyone will be able to read my books, and without having to use their computer. If I can stop obsessively playing online and actually get some work done...