Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Black Dragon is released!

The Black Dragon is released!!

You can go buy it here.

And of course you're all going to go buy it, right?

To celebrate, I'm doing a couple of contests.

1. Go join my forum. Then post something. A holiday wish, a book recommendation, anything to start a topic or join an existing one. That automatically enters you to win
these dragon earrings.

2. The first 50 people to email me, through here (my email address is in my profile) or the website, and answer the following question, will be eligible to win one of three Amazon gift cards! Here's the question:

What was the name of Gruffydd's sister?

(Yes, this requires you read the book.)

There you go! Go forth and enter!


Robyn said...

I will certainly be ordering it. Can I mail it to you so you can autograph it for me?

December Quinn said...

Lol. Only on disc. I even have one of those CR markers.

Bernita said...

Am so glad, December!

BernardL said...

Congratulations on the release! I hope your friend at Bam Cover Snark doesn't get a hold of your cover. :)

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Bernita!

Bernardl, Bam snarked my cover back in...September or October?

And the Smart Bitches did it about a month and a half ago.

Oh yes...it's made the rounds.

Robyn said...

Cool! I guess I never thought about book signings from an e-book author. I'm sure there's a way, right?

Anyway, can't wait for my Christmas money to come.:) The book sounds amazing.

Elle said...

Bought! But I'll save the contests for others. Don't want it seem you're playing favourites if I were to win. :)

Congrats dear!

S. W. Vaughn said...


Finally!!! :-) WOOT!

Isabella Snow said...


Congrats on the release!!!! :))))

Erik Ivan James said...

Congratulations...well done, December!

Jenn on the Island said...

Yay! Congrats, December!

Those earrings are gorgeous. They totally match my tattoo.

BernardL said...

Are you able to work humor into your novels, or does erotic romance have to be done in a completely serious vein?

kis said...


When my X-mas money comes in, I'll be getting my copy, too.


December Quinn said...

Thanks, Robyn.

And thanks elle--you're such a good friend. Hope you're having a great Yule!

December Quinn said...

Hey kis! Where've you been?

You have a dragon tattoo, Jenn? Pictures please!

December Quinn said...

Well, Bernardl, I do try to use humor in dialogue. My situations usually aren't funny as such, but I try to make the dialogue snappy and funny. If I've got at least one good funny line per chapter, it makes me happy.

kis said...

Hey kis! Where've you been?

Lordy, you do not want to know. I tell ya, it just isn't really Chistmas til my head explodes all over the chocolate aisle at the discount store. Now where's my imitrex?

Jenn on the Island said...

You have a dragon tattoo, Jenn? Pictures please!

Yup. Check out my avatar on the Romance Divas forum!

Happy Yule!