Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh, the brain

The other night I had a very detailed, very realistic dream in which I explained the plot of Bye, Bye Birdie to someone. I don't know who the person was, but they were very interested and sat spellbound while I sang "One Last Kiss" complete with demonstrations of the proper hip-rolling motions. And discussed with enthusiasm what a clever publicity ploy it really was, having Conrad Birdie kiss a random girl goodbye.

I have no idea why I dreamt this. What deeper meaning was my brain searching for in the plot of Bye, Bye Birdie? And why do I now have various songs from the score floating around in my head?

Any ideas?

Another brain blip: this morning I was walking home from dropping my eldest off at school. As always when I don't have the Princess with me to chat, I had my iPod on. And I suddenly realized I was singing along. Out loud.

So anyone outside at that particular moment would have been treated to a very off-key (I'm a terrible singer) rendition of "Rudie Can't Fail."

What is up with my brain? I feel like after finishing my big WIP, my head is gone. My CP and I are starting another cowritten book, but since she has it at the moment I'm not actively working on or thinking about it. There's a big void where creative stuff should be, and like a black hole it's spreading to other parts of my head, like the vital bits that remind me not to sing along to my iPod because nobody hears the music but me, something so elementary I usually do not even have to remind myself.

So to recap: dreaming of fascinating strangers with the plot of musicals, and singing out loud in public. Yes indeedy.

What does your brain do when you're not working? Do you feel good, or uneasy? I'm letting the book sit until the new year before doing any rereading/editing, so I'm not even still working with it, and I'm trying not to think of it either.

I am leaving in a couple of hours to head down to the hotel for The Party. So I won't be back here pretty much until tomorrow.

The Black Dragon should be releasing today, but I'm not counting my chickens until I have a link. So I will post that and announce my contests and stuff tomorrow.


Bernita said...

Fingers crossed.
Have a wonderful time.

Anonymous said...

The Clash! Yeah, baby. No bass player ever has or ever will come close to the greatness of Paul Simonon's style and tone. Though I try daily.

Anyway. I rarely remember my dreams but when I'm not working, my brain is daydreaming. -JTC

Erik Ivan James said...

Wishing success for you today.

I seldom remember my dreams. My wife wakes me from them at times, though. She tells me that I have bad nightmares where I "scream" as if in great fear or pain...not often, but bad. Maybe they come from long ago and far away.

Southern Writer said...
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Jenn on the Island said...

Have a great time at The Party!

I never sing out loud either - totally tone deaf.

ORION said...

Oh my gosh I so can relate to this post! I am waiting for my editorial letter for my first novel from my publisher, my agent is reading book 2 but the entire agency is on vacation until Jan 2, and I have two other manuscripts to edit and am indecisive about which WIP to focus on next.
I wake up at 3 am with a hundred plots fighting inside my head.
I'm a writer...
Congrats on a successful crapometer!

Isabella Snow said...

I hope you realize I know have a bunch of West Side Story songs in my head. Thanks! Maria......