Monday, January 01, 2007

Greetings from the Future!

Yep. It's been 2007 here for a couple of hours already.

It looks pretty much the same.

I have to say, as much as I enjoy the whole "eat what you want, drink all day" holiday mentality, I'm kind of glad the season is over.

Why? Because I'm looonely. (And gaining weight, but that's a whole nother story.)

So many of my bloggy buddies are away for the holidays, or taking time off. My comments levels seem to have dropped. Hardly anyone is posting. It's depressing, especially when I have both kids home and a husband off at work, which means I don't have to get up early or, well, leave the house at all, and so can spend as much time as I want online in between making lemonade or pasta for the girls.

Jenny Rappaport posted about a different writer posting about how many words he wrote this year. His included blog posts. I have no idea how to even come close to guesstimating word count for my posts, so let's just look at actual written work:

approx. 2006 word count (first drafts only): 280,000k.

You can probably add another 20k or so for edits and second drafts, to bring me to an even 300,000 original fiction words written this year.

On the one hand, not bad. On the other, totally sucks. That's not even a clear thousand words a day. Yes, I was forced to take a lot of time off this year, with one thing and another--parental visits, a little writer's block, family who seemed to think I should actually pay attention to them, blah blah blah...and I did take some time off between projects, too.

But next year, dammit, I need to do better than that.

I think I've probably done at least another 100k in blog posts, when you consider how wordy I can be, and that this isn't my only blog.

My goal next year will be 500,000 written fiction words.

Oh, and to get an agent and a book deal, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I am convinced my 750 for Miss S stink. I decided to rewrite my opening before sending it and I really don't think I let it sit long enough after the rewrite. For instance, there are some repeated words I would have caught if I hadn't thought I needed to submit right away. Just hoping A) I don't get roasted for that, and B) the actual opening scene is compelling enough to make people not think my writing sucks.

We shall see.

2007 looks just fine, folks. Come on over!

(Oh, and I have a couple of books releasing from Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid today! Links later.)


Southern Writer said...

Congratulations on the new releases, and the COM page request! I had no idea one was yours. Which was it?

Happy New Year, too. I hope you achieve all your goals this year.

Bernita said...

I predict you will have an absolutely stellar year, December.
You have the goods and the ducks.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, southern writer. My hook was #100, it went up in the first couple of days. Happy New Year to you, and may we both achieve our goals!

Thanks, Bernita. It sure would be nice. :-) I'm just waiting to hear you've made your own big sale!

Erik Ivan James said...

Happy New Year, December!
Wishing you more success and much more prosperity.

bunnygirl said...

I'm around! You can write to meeee!!!

Happy New Year, December! I hope to see more of your fabulous writing in 2007, even if it's just humorous continuations at EE!

S. W. Vaughn said...

Happy New Year, December! Wow, resolving to increase your output 500 percent... :-) I have no doubt you'll achieve that goal!

I wish you mucho success and every happiness this year.

December Quinn said...

Thank you, Erik! Lol, "more" prosperity implies I had some to begin with! I'd just settle for "some" prosperity. :-) And I wish the same for you.

Thanks, Bunnygirl! *blushes* I'm so flattered. Happy New Year to you, too!

Oooh, is that really 500%, SW? Maybe I spoke too soon...nah. A goal is a goal, let's see how I do. So now I have words written for the year and new authors to keep track of. Let's see what other self-imposed responsibilities I can pile on. Happy New Year, hon.

BernardL said...

I'm more interested in the power of the words I write than I am in chalking up numbers. We might all be able to churn out a million words; but without idea or voice, they would be just that: a million words. Besides, 500,000 words will mean just that much more to edit, and brevity is the soul of wit, and... :) Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

Jenn on the Island said...

Happy New Year!

(too hungover/still drunk to come up with anything else at the moment. Sorry)

kis said...

Wahoo, more books! Way to go, girl.

As far as your word count goal, I'm sure it's doable. I know I could probably write two to three times as much this year as I did last year--mostly because I now have my very own, designated, not for juvenile use computer. But also because I've managed to drag my ass over my bog of unproductivity.

I'm gonna have to rethink that whole quitting the day-job thing when the time comes, though. Nine days off work for the holidays (without three or four hours of walking a night at the restaurant) and I've already put on nearly ten pounds! That's half a bloody turkey right there!

So, yeah, I'm kind of relieved the season's officially over. No more bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, no more spinach/artichoke/cream cheese dip, no more nachos and salsa, no more Irish cream cut with half-and-half over ice. Okay, maybe the Irish cream can stay, but the rest of you are out of my life!

Oh, and Happy New Year, DQ.

Anonymous said...

(((((((((December)))))))) Let me join you in the lonely feelings. But also allow me to be very impressed with your word count!

December Quinn said...

Oh, but Bernard, all of my words are perfect! Ha ha. I just want to up my output a little, I'd like to get more books finished and hopefully sold this year. It's not all about word counts, but I don't think I got as much accomplished last year as I would have liked and just want to step things up this year is all.

Happy New Year to you, Jenn! Hope you feel better today.

December Quinn said...

Exactly, kis, I had my own unptoductive bog last year, from, what August until October or something like that? It was a long damn time when I wrote nothing, is all I know, and I don't want that to happen again this year.

Irish cream and half and half...sigh...delicious. Stupid lactose intolerance.

Thanks, Michele! If you're here and I'm here...maybe we won't be quite so lonely.

Robyn said...

That's what you meant by blogs getting back to normal.

WOOT! on your new releases.

December Quinn said...

Yep, Robyn. I was excited to see a new post, I was thrilled to see a new controversy (even if it's really the same old controversy) a'brewin'...all good.

Happy New Year!

littlebirdblue said...

"I am convinced my 750 for Miss S stink..."

I often wish I had a 'retrieve sent message' function on my computer. Or my mouth.

"Just hoping...the actual opening scene is compelling enough to make people not think my writing sucks."

Your pages won't stink.

Your writing has already proved compelling.

Some few people are always going to think your writing sucks. Let them go read something else. Or eat cake. Or whatever.

Happy New Year!

Annie Dean said...

Hey, I'm home now. Let the bloggy buddy comment fun recommence. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

December Quinn said...

Oh, littlebirdblue, a "retrieve" button would make my life so much easier, yes, for both email and talking. And doing stupid things. And drinking. :-)

Yay, annie! Hopping off to your blog now!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I could swear I commented here earlier??

Anyway, I relate! Sad with blogging buddies on holiday, or wherever the little buggers are!! :(

I'm here for you, babe. ;)