Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wow...this snuck up on me!

This is my 200th post here. (Cue confetti.)

I had a whole different post planned for today, but I also had a post planned for 200, so we're going with 200 and you'll get my thoughts on the RITA tomorrow or Friday. Because we're flexible here, man. We go with the flow.

So. 200 posts. Wow.

I started this blog so I could comment over at Miss Snark. I'd been reading her for some time already and was tired of posting anon. So I didn't really intend you blog much here, but just like my fingers itch for a pen when I see a blank sheet of paper, I couldn't have an empty blog. So I posted some pictures of Hurrican Wilma. And some random stuff. My friend Elle was my first commenter ever. (Of course, if you go back now, spammers have come along and left inane comments on almost all of my old entries. So one of these days I need to go clean those up.)

I've blogged about crazy delivery people, I've posted some movie reviews, and, well, a few few ranty rants.

But mostly I've just written about my thoughts, my work, and my life, and you all have been gracious enough to actually read it and comment on it. Which makes me feel unbelievably blessed.

So to mark my 200th post, I want to do two things: First, thank you all from the bottom of my shrivelled heart; and two, ask what your favorite post was? What do you remember the most fondly? What topics do you want to see more about? How did you find me?

Anything. Share a memory, share a thought, or just bask in the glow of my gratitude to you.



Bernita said...

I remember being incensed by a certain arrogant critic who assumed that if you wrote romance your research skills were automatically deficient.
I still huff about that when I think about it.

BernardL said...

I was interested in a couple of your comments at the Snark’s site, and it was also the reason I started a blog so as to not be anon. Your likes and dislikes run rather close to my own, and you have a humorous way of posting I enjoy. Congratulations on your 200th post.

Sam said...

Happy 200th Post!
Is there a special present for that? Is it the silver anniversary, or the gold, or emerald?

I have the memory of a gold fish - but I like all your posts! So keep posting!


December Quinn said...

Oh, I'll never forget that one, Bernita! And almost every one of the excellent reviews that poor book has received mentions the meticulous historical research. Thpppt.

Thanks, Bernardl! Or Bernard. Which should I use anyway?
I love that I have real men commenting here. It makes me feel pretty.

Lol Sam! I think it's paper, because for me most anniversaries are paper. I love paper. :-) I love your posts too!

BernardL said...

Just Bernard. I had to add my middle initial for Blogger. I went into your archives after reading your selections in this post. I've missed a lot of good ones I plan on catching up with. That delivery one gave me the creeps. When Scooby Doo tattooed people of either sex show up at the door for any reason; and now know your address, the nape of the neck short hairs start popping up. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the whole macho thing. Utter brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Well, December, As I've mentioned before the JP-4 has robbed most of my short-term memory so recalling a favorite post is out.

I found my way to your blog because I liked your posts on MS and EE. This got me interested in what you write so I wanted to check that out. I could also tell you have a great sense of humor and I love that. After a few posts I found that you are friendly enough to answer each and every one from all of us and I like that too.

Cagrats on #200 and keep it up. ;~) -V95

Robyn said...

I met you at Bernita's. Happy Blogiversary!

Your rant as Madonna convincing her husband why she needs to adopt a third world child still makes me snort at inappropriate moments.

December Quinn said...

Lol Bernard! It was actually just amazing more than scary in person; she was such a frumpy, dorky sort of woman. But point taken, absolutely. :-)

Thank you, Seeley. I try. I think I could have done better, though.

December Quinn said...

Thanks, V95! I was so excited when you started commenting, because I remembered seeing you on other blogs too. :-)

Thanks Robyn! Yep, I remember my first comment on your blog was on the post about historical accuracy. And the guy waving a friggin' claymore above his head while he ran upstairs. (Yep, that's totally possible! Suuure!)

kis said...

Yeah, the Madonna rant jumps out at me, even now. All the time I read it, I kept thinking, "Gee, December, why don't you tell us how you really feel?"

And I'm like V95. I followed you over from EE and Snarky, checked out the blog, read the excerpts you'd posted on your website. I liked how you write, and I really appreciated how you answered my questions on e-publishing. Snarkiness may attract the fickle, fleeting love of an adoring crowd, but friendly and warm still beat it, hands down.

I did go back at one point and read a bunch of the archives, but I must have missed some. I think I would have remembered a Scooby Doo tattoo on a creepy delivery guy. Reminds me of how--just yesterday--the old guy and I were out walking with Blammo and ran into a woman with big scars on her neck and the worst dental hygiene ever, pushing a baby in a stroller. Hubs says, "Hey, Loretta, didn't expect to see you on this side of the water." I could tell by his tone that he was really trying to hide his dislike. He had worked with her over on one of the other islands, and she was a total backstabbing, psycho hosebag.

So she says, with this cheeky, atrocious (bad, bad teeth, oh, the horror) smirk, "Oh, I just moved to town a week ago, and I know where you live now. Teehee."

Those little hairs on my nape not only stood up, they uprooted and ran for my collar.

Congrats on your blogiversary. You keep posting, and I'll keep reading. Promise.

Anna J. Evans said...

Happy 200th!

I forget everything past two weeks ago as well, but I know that I get a warm fuzzy, yet awakened feeling while reading your blog so I keep coming back for more...kind of like whiskey.


littlebirdblue said...

I know it's relatively recent, but like Seeley deB., I enjoyed the Macho Chronicles.

Anonymous said...

Look, I'm another one... I came over from Miss Snark's. I thought you were one of the most professional people over there.

As for my favorite post so far... two words: bouncing peni

crowwoman / rhian said...

Wolf whistles!!! Wahooo! Ummm - i can't remember how we met. Hmmmm. Well, you're a permanent fixture in my life now wench! Grin!

December Quinn said...

Eee, kis, how scary is that!? I'd be freaked out, too.
And you always ask such good questions. I love your responses.

Lol, Anna. You have to read here, anyway. It's part of the CP/WP rules. :-)

Wowe, lbl, I'm getting such a good response to the macho chronicles I'm thinking I should do more theme weeks in the future, huh?

Erik Ivan James said...

I think your "rants" have been my favorites overall. You have a wonderful way of creating humor out of a serious topic.

Simply said, though, I'm just damn glad you're here. Two hundred of yours ain't yet too many.

December Quinn said...

Thanks you, Michele. I do try. I was quite proud of the bouncing peenie post, too. :-)

I don't remember either, Rhian, but I'm so glad too! And I love your hair!

December Quinn said...

Aaaw, Erik...that's so sweet. *wipes away little tear*


Life is no fun at all without a little humor, right? :-)

You guys are all so awesome!

Tempest Knight said...

Yayy on the 200th post! *throws confetti, brings champagne and strippers*

Scary Monster said...

Me not been 'round long enough to have a favorite.
But me likes the first one that got me here(Calling cards)
Me still thinks about it when responding to other stomper's comments.


littlebirdblue said...

Scary's right; "Calling Card" was good too (that's the one I sent him over to look at).

Serena Joy said...

Happy 200! I don't really have a favorite post. I just like what you do, period. Carry on.

Isabella Snow said...

Happy 200!

My fave was the one where you said it was rude of people not to return comments, or something like that.

Ann(ie) said...

I'm afraid it would hurt the other posts' feelings if I played favorites. They're all good.

Congrats on 200.

McKoala said...

Well, I dropped by for no particular reason other than I'm messing around on the computer on a Saturday morning while Baba watches cartoons. So I can't play favourites, but I just read a ton of old posts and am about to comment on a few, so keep reading! See especially the one I am about to post on your urban fantasy.

200 posts, well done! I also started a blog so that I could comment on Miss Snark's - but if you check out mine you'll see nothing on it. I didn't get the bug, although sometimes I feel guilty about that.

Happy 200!

December Quinn said...

Thanks, Tempest! Champagne and strippers are just what I need!

Aw, Scary Monster, that's like the best compliment ever...that it stayed in your mind. I feel so googly now!
And thanks for sending SM my way, lbl!

Thanks Serena! I can't believe I've blathered on about 200 different things here!

December Quinn said...

Thanks Isabella! I'm still wowed by your post about real men and their real man watches.

Lol, Annie, yes, my posts are very sensitive. :-)

Hey Minnie, hi!
Eep, I'm glad you told me where a comment is--I don't get email notifications so I don't know when people comment on old if I don't respond to a comment, I'm sorry!
I know there's nothing on yours, I checked!