Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's, etc.

I was supposed to do a better NY post, but I just can't think of anything to say. Resolutions? Yes, blah blah, I want an agent and a multi-book deal, blah blah blah. What else is new? I'm going to try to be better at doing the vacuuming. I'm going to try to do more promo. Have more fun. Go places and do things instead of sitting around all weekend every weekend (of course, my lack of adventure in the past year wasn't entirely my fault, seeing as how it rained, um, almost every fucking day). Sticking to my diet isn't really a resolution, it's just something I'm going to keep doing. Maybe I'll try to get more sleep, too. That would be good.
I want to write at least three full-length novels, which shouldn't be a problem. Four would be better.

Tagged by my sweet friend yeyo_x:

* 8 Things I’m passionate about
1. My family
2. Writing
3. My friends
4. History
5. Booze
6. Movies
7. Shoes
8. The need to keep non-cigarette trash out of ashtrays, particularly food items

* 8 Things I want to do before I die
1. Agent/contract/blah blah
2. Become fluent in a foreign language
3. Go to Vegas
4. Own a nice home with more than two bedrooms
5. Own a convertible
6. Climb a mountain
7. Road trip across the US (again)
8. Top of the Empire State Building

* 8 Things I often say
1. Fuck
2. Like I said
3. Girls, be quiet!
4. Blah blah blah
5. I said be quiet!
6. Clean up in here
7. Because I said so
8. Girls, please be quiet!

* 8 Books I’ve recently or currently reading
1. The Hell-Fire Clubs: Sex, Rakes, and Libertines by Geoffrey Ashe
2. English Society in the 18th Century by Roy Porter
3. Flood by Andrew Vachss
4. Hard Candy by Andrew Vachss
5. Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark Henry
6. The Word Museum by Jeffrey Kacirk
7. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
8. Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan

* 8 Songs I could listen to over and over
1. Ruby Baby by Dion
2. Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin
3. NYC Tonight by GG Allin
4. Let It Be by the Beatles
5. Born With A Tail by the Supersuckers
6. Baby I'm a King by the Devil Dogs
7. Sound System by Operation Ivy
8. Drift Away by Dobie Gray (the original one, not that wierdo cover whoever-it-was did a little while ago)
(and a bonus: Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Because everybody needs more cowbell.)

* 8 Things that attract me to my best friends
1. Sense of humor
2. Brains
3. Similar outlook to mine
4. Understanding
5. People who just "click" with me
6. Common interests
7. Kind to me, cruel to others (that's sort of a joke but not entirely, but my friendship-seeking process really doesn't include this many steps))
8. See? Can't think of any others.


Gabriele C. said...

Three full length novels? You must be insane. :)

I'll be glad if I manage a few short stories this year (besides my ongoing novel projects) that I can sell.

December/Stacia said...

Well, between mid-July and December 8th I wrote two full length novels (The Demon Inside and Unholy Ghosts) so...three should be do-able for me. :-)

Good luck!

Charles Gramlich said...

Great to learn more about you. Loved that "Girls, be quiet" riff. Gonna check out some of these songs on YouTube. Good luck with your new year's goals.

December/Stacia said...

Thanks, Charles! I generally avoid memes because, while I enjoy reading other peoples', I hate tagging people and always figure nobody else is particularly interested. But Yeyo is a good friend and that one seemed fun.

And yeah, it was a riff, but a true one. Some days it feels like that's all I say. That and "Go upstairs and play." :-)

Anonymous said...

Great blog, great 8s, December. -V95

P.S. You look great and your lucky hubby looks like he could play James Bond -I mean that in a good, totally un-gay way.

December/Stacia said...

Aaaw, thanks! :-) And I'm sure he'll be pleased when I tell him, too, in a totally not-gay sort of way, lol.