Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Posting from the future

It's 2008 here, while it is still 2007 in the US. Therefore, I am posting...from the future!!!


*shrug* It's okay so far. Buzz helps. More tomorrow.

Happy New Year!


Karen Erickson said...

A buzz always helps! Happy New Year!

pacatrue said...

Have a great new year, Buck-ey Rodgers.

Sam said...

Happy New Year!
May it be filled with peace and prosperity! (and lots of good books!)

writtenwyrdd said...

No buzz for me, but I AM posting FROM THE PAST! Bwa ha ha ha!

Have a great new year.

Robyn said...

Happy New Year!

BernardL said...

Happy New Year, D, I hope you sell a lot of books this year. :)