Monday, August 11, 2008

Be a sex-writing strumpet Pt 14: Guest blog

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Guest Blogger: Emily Veinglory on Submissive Men

Okay, guys. (First, apologies for the slight delay--my BFF Cori called just as I finished posting my b-day message.)

If you've spent any time writing erotic romance or reading about those who do in the last few years, you know who Emily Veinglory is. She is a multi-published author of m/m erotic romance and straight erotic romance, an incredibly nice woman, who also runs EREC, a site which compares erotic romance epublishers and is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone looking to publish in that market. Emily works hard, guys, so that we can all get the most from our work, and I admire her tremendously.

So, without further ado...

Sex Scenes: Beyond the Alpha Male—Emily Veinglory

There is no doubt that the alpha male remain the "dominant" type of fictional fantasy man, but there are other options. The market for Domme fantasies is expanding but still relatively small, but there are also less explicit types of sex scenes focusing on less-than-macho men or more-than-damsel heroines. The key, in my opinion, to writing a sex scene with broad appeal is to focus more on what the male character is, not what he isn't—and why the heroine wants him enough to *take* him. The male may be 'mastered' by his mistress throughout the whole story, or just in one scene as a change of pace. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

The seduction: Maybe the guy holds crucial state secrets that a little pillow talk might reveal or he's pining after some other girl who doesn't return his affections. Whatever the problem, the answer is clearly for our protagonist to let our her inner vixen--to set the scene, pour the wine and slip into some 'more comfortable'. What matters here is that the heroine has a chance to revel in her own sexual power, be it a new awakening or to reel in a hunk she has been toying with for a long, long time.

The refined man: He comes in many forms from geek chic to noble dandy.
This is a man who is bound up tight in conventions, culture and codes that stop him from enjoying life, and sex, to its fullest. Perhaps he has been burying himself in a high powered job, considering joining a seminary or sublimating his creative energy into producing fine art. Clearly what he needs a lusty heroine able to release his beast within and show him how to enjoy the true pleasure of sex (so maybe the world loses the next Rembrandt but what's a girl to do?).

The beginner: Some young men come from just plain deprived background.
They are buff and fine and just waiting for an older woman to give them the schooling they need. And there is no need to stick to the basics, this could be a really extended series of lessons so he will be ready to service any need his future girlfriends might have—unless, of course, he realizes that he has all he needs right here!

The repentant: A man can be very alpha indeed, perhaps too much so. Maybe he treated the heroine badly back in high school, broke her trust with an affair, or pushed too much in trying to woo her and scared her away. In any case he can chase and chase, but never get any closer if the girl. So what is a man to do? Perhaps he hands over all the power and gives her a chance to 'punish' him for his mistakes… will it be a little light spanking or a lot of heavy pegging? Well just how naughty has he been, and just how much does he seem to be enjoying his punishment?

I could go on, but perhaps I need to save that for another day (another 'rule' of erotica, always keep them coming back for more). But whether it is a little kink or turning of the tables, or a whole story about how to tease and tame your hero, consider letting your heroine take a walk on the alpha side--your readers will thank you and her hero will be begging for more!


kirsten saell said...

Wow, I just realized my second book is totally the "refined man" scenario. Huh. Learn something new every day. :D

Anne Douglas said...

There's nothing like a malleable man :D

Here's hoping I can do them justice in my WIP.

BernardL said...

I think mine ends up a confused wild man most times. Good post. :)

laughingwolf said...

good points, dee... i see my males as easily able to switch alpha roles with their partners, sharing same equally as per the situation