Thursday, December 04, 2008

A few things

(Yes, some of this is copied from my post at the League today; sorry to those for whom it's a repeat.)

First, a bit of shameless drive-by promo: I'm doing an interview and chat-type-thing today at Bitten by Books, so come on by and say hi, ask me inappropriate questions, call me names, whatever you'd like to do! The interview will go up at 8 am PST, and I'll be giving away a $25 Amazon gift card, which you can use to BUY BOOKS. BOOKS, got it? No DVDs or CDs, no spatulas or bracelets or whatever. YOU WILL BUY BOOKS. (Lol. Of course you can buy whatever you like. But it would be nice if you bought books.) Oh, since it runs 8 am PST to 8 am PST, I will have to come back to announce the winner on Saturday, and I will be away when it actually ends. Sorry.

Second, since buying Chinese Democracy, we've been listening to it almost constantly--mainly because we are very lazy and will just leave the CD playing over and over in the car until we can't stand it anymore. I am pleased to report it's really grown on us. It's still no Appetite, but it's pretty good overall. It has hidden depths.

Third, as I mentioned above, tomorrow night is the Xmas party. And of course we're supposed to get snow and rain and all that miserab;e crap. Keep your fingers crossed it dowsn't happen, because I'd rather not freeze to death with my shoulders bare. And again, yes, I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Oh! Good news! (Well, for me, anyway.) UK iTunes has finally gotten at least a little bit of its butt in gear and I was able, this weekend, to download a few Pagans and Lazy Cowgirls songs. Yay!! (Of course they didn't have the Lazy Cowgirls' cover of the Straw Dogs' "Reborn", which sucks because that is a GREAT song, but it's something anyway.)

But here's another question about iTunes. Why do they always have lame crappy "new" versions of songs? I had a desire to download some cheesy 70s rock--stuff like that song "Brandy (You're a fine girl)", you know the one I mean? Which is totally nerdy and amusing to me. But the only copy iTunes has, is not the original version. I don't know for sure if it's the actual band, but it's been remastered or re-recorded or something, and it blows. This has happened to me several times now. I am not happy about it.

Oh, and one final thing. Go read this post from the lovely and clever Janet Reid. Take a deep breath, and read it again. Nod wisely. Take it to heart. Get on with your day.


Charles Gramlich said...

I sort of disrespect Axl Rose so much that I doubt I'll buy his album. It certainly ain't Guns n Roses.

BernardL said...

It will be a tough year coming up. While I agree with Ms. Reid about the sky not falling, I think I'll start sewing some Kevlar onto my old umbrella. :)

Demon Hunter said...

Guest blogging. Cool. I'll have to stop by. :-)

laughingwolf said...

neatcho, will take a look asap

writtenwyrdd said...

blogger lost my post again!

I agree, the sky won't fall, but the recession (or whatever tag they will adopt to spin the problem favorably) will have an effect of some sort.

I'm not going to run about claiming the end of the world is nigh (like an elderly friend of my mother's is going off about on a regular basis) but I'm going to focus on savings and getting out of debt. But books are still in my budget. Just not quite so many.