Monday, December 01, 2008

Leave your hat on

So. So so so so so.

Finished (almost) line edits for Unholy Ghosts over the long weekend, which was awesome. I love edits; I think they're so much fun. And it's made me even more excited aboutthe book than I already was, and I have ohsomany plans for its release (date TBD.)

This sort of (but not really) ties into something else. Well, several things. Almost.

First, I was reading Empire magazine earlier. I hardly ever read Empire anymore. It used to be really good; lately there have been errors galore--shit people writing about movies really should know. Like the time they claimed it was the Jerry O'Connell character in Stand By Me who threw up blueberry pie all over the people at the pie-eating contest, when everybody knows it was Lardass who did the vomiting, in a cunning revenge plan. And you know, a movie magazine should not be making that kind of stupid mistake, especially not when at least two people would have had to read it. There was another one, too, but I don't remember what it was. I think it might have had to do with The Breakfast Club. Anyway.

They did an article about this new movie with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, which is going to be kind of like Heat but about John Dillinger. And they had some pictures of Depp and Bale and several other men, in costume. Which included hats.

Why, oh why, did men stop wearing hats? They look so good. So sharp and sexy; tough and sophisticated at the same time. But it's nearly impossible to find a man in a hat these days--and by "hat" I mean a real hat, a fedora or a porkpie or a snap-brim, not some fucking baseball cap. Baseball caps can be just fine, say, on an actual baseball diamond, or when doing work outside in the sun; I will never forget watching the hubs and my roommate (who was my ex) putting up plywood over the windows (hurricane coming) at our house, both wearing baseball caps. It was quite pleasing to see, I admit. Especially since they were both sweating profusely (summer in South Florida, remember.) While I hovered around, bringing drinks and taking advantage of the fact that not only am I a girl, I'm a petite girl, and thus was of no use at all to two men, both of whom stood over six feet (and, uh, still do of course), when it came to drilling holes in the walls and doing heavy lifting and stuff like that.

Sorry, I digressed a little bit there, didn't I? My point is, I wish men still wore real hats. One of my favorite bits in the book The Way You Wear Your Hat--which is an awesome book, btw--was the discussion of Sinatra's many hats, and how he loved them.

So I want to do something for hats. I think when I have signings and stuff I'm going to bring along special gifts for men wearing hats. I seriously doubt I'll get any takers, but it would be cool, wouldn't it?

This weekend is the formal Xmas party for hubs's work, so looking forward to that. Last year only one or two other women beside me actually dressed up; I have no idea why, considering that the men were all in tuxedos and it is a black-tie affair. I seriously considered dressing down this year, and possibly wearing something where people could actually see my legs. But my conscience refuses to allow it. If my husband is in a tuxedo it is inappropriate for me to be in a dress I might wear just as easily to the mall or something, and all the Cosmo articles in the world about making accessories "dress up" your look fail. Formal is formal. So I have a skirt (which requires a crinoline--luckily I own several) and a corset with a ruffle at the top, and I am ready to go. (Yes, I will post pics as soon as I have them.)

And there are two other cool bits of news!

First, Mark Henry--my fellow Reluctant Adult and great pal--has unveiled his new website!! is a treasure trove of fun stuff, music, little lists and funnies, info about Mrk and his (awesome) books--make sure you check it out, and be ready to spend some time! It's as full of zombie goodness as an all-night Romero film festival.

AND. This Thursday, December 4th, I'm going to be spending the day over at Bitten By Books, chatting and answering questions and generally having fun. My event starts at 8 am Pacific and runs until the same time the following day (although as I have the party and have to leave my house Friday morning for it, I'll have to come back to get to any comments I might have missed on Saturday). I'm even giving away a prize--a $25 Amazon gift card. They're lovely over at BBB, and it should be a good time, so make sure you come by to hang out! (I will post this again on Thursday.)

And that's pretty much it. Thanksgiving was okay but the turkey was dry; I tried something new and it was Not Good. But we watched our movies and hung out with the kiddies and generally enjoyed ourselves, so it doesn't matter. And, as I admitted in the comments to my previous post (on blogger), I don't really like turkey much anyway, so no big loss.

So, to sum up:

1. Empire is not as good as it used to be.
2. Men should wear hats.
3. I am dressing up properly on Friday.
4. Mark Henry's new site rocks.
5. I am hanging at Bitten By Books on Thursday
6. Cooking the turkey upside down for the first hour or so is the best way to get a juicy turkey.


Marian said...

Sorry, December, but when you mentioned men and hats it made me think of Michael Jackson.

Robyn said...

My husband is a hat man- he has several for every season. I love them, and he always gets good comments wherever he goes.

Seeley deBorn said...

I think women should wear hats too. I love them, look good in them, except cowboy hats, which like baseball, have a time and place, neither of which I will ever encounter, so it's all good.

I'm searching for a cocktail dress. It's driving me and The Man nuts. Especially since the company party is this weekend. I did try on one I kinda liked, and now that I think of it, it would be nicely accessorized by my black leather pillbox I'll go back and get it afterall...

kirsten saell said...

Hats on men, yay!

And if you brine your turkey overnight, then cook it upside down (the whole time, even), it's lovely. I still don't quite get how anyone can like chicken, but not like turkey. If the turkey is cooked right, they are virtually interchangeable. Or maybe turkeys are just bland in Canada?

Good on you for not dressing down, D. The one thing about living where I live is you never get an opportunity to dress up. I mean, in a logging town, a pair of wool slacks means you're grossly overdressed. I've worn a skirt four times in the last ten years, and only once for an occasion in town. *sigh*

BernardL said...

I'm encouraged you have fun with edits. :) Robert Mitchum, when he was young, looked great in a hat.

Charles Gramlich said...

Maybe men have become too vain about their hair to wear hats.

laughingwolf said...

my fave: outlaw [cowboy] hat ;) lol

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wear a flat cap (windsor?), of course I have a bull-rider's hat, but usually, sorry to say, it is a ball cap.

"So I have a skirt and a corset with a ruffle at the top. (Yes, I will post pics as soon as I have them.)"

Looking forward to that! -V95

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wear a flat cap (windsor?), of course I have a bull-rider's hat, but usually, sorry to say, it is a ball cap.

"So I have a skirt and a corset with a ruffle at the top. (Yes, I will post pics as soon as I have them.)"

Looking forward to that! -V95

Anonymous said...

Dammit. Sorry about the double.