Sunday, January 22, 2006

Maybe I'm just tired

But my feelings are hurt.

Which is stupid. But I can't help it.

What happened is, I posted a comment in another blog a while back. With my "passion for reading" photo. And a few people commented on it, very nicely.

Now I commented again and got an anonymous user asking if we couldn't keep "masturbation" photos, which "lower the tone" (or whatever) away from the blog I commented on. But oh, not singling me out or anything.

Just publicly mentioning that I am apparently some kind of pervert who likes to watch men masturbate. Instead of commenting here, or emailing me privately. And now it seems nobody can show their userpics there anymore, which makes me feel really horrible.

I don't know why this makes me feel bad. But I do. I feel stupid, and embarrassed, and I just want to crawl into a hole somewhere.

Just not a good day. Princess is sick, I'm tired, Sundays are bad anyway because hubby has to go back to work tomorrow-

Am I overreacting to be upset by this?


Charity said...

Oh, don't feel bad. I never gave your pic a second thought. It would have been better for the person to contact you here or via email.

Hang in there. I really enjoy your blog, so the upside is, I discovered it because of this whole deal.

December Quinn said...

Aaw! You're so sweet.

That's made me feel so much better...thanks!

Livia Llewellyn said...

I followed you here from Miss Snark's site. As the target of a recent trolling, let me say that the "anonymous" comment is the highest form of masturbation on the Internet, and while you have every right to be angered at having to modify your behavior at the demands of someone who refuses to acknowlege that not everything in the world must conform to their view, I have to say that in the end, "Anonymous" is nothing more than an inconsiderate fucktard with severe arrested development. (Dayam, that was a long sentence!) Don't feel bad. They're not worth the energy or time.

Carmen said...

I came from Miss Snark's blog -- I didn't see the original picture, but you should NOT feel bad. I don't think you really offended anyone. Someone decided s/he should make a scene to get a little attention, that's all. They didn't even have the balls to post under a real name. Brush it off and move on! Today is a beautiful day.

Mac said...

Heh--I saw the original pic, which I thought was quite hawt--and I'm not even into guys. *grin* Actually, it was a graceful and lovely picture. I can completely understand why you used it.

December, don't take it on. The anonymous pot-shot was an asshole thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey, put the pic back. It's YOUR blog and the other person is an uptight jackass who could just not look if they don't like what they see.

That person is also a manipulative coward for using Miss Snark's blog to influence you. Allowing them to get to you is allowing them power over your own business. Censorship by proxy is still censorship.

Don't worry about losing a potential reader of your stuff. That sort wouldn't appreciate it.

Besides, now I'm curious to see what's so bloody offensive to uptight, humorless jackasses.